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This company helps patients and loved ones navigate the healthcare system with less stress and more peace of mind. We are unique as we provide one on one assessments, plans, interventions and conferences by experienced, licensed Registered Nurses with 40 + years of experience in any healthcare setting using coaching, listening, and being present skills. We help you save time and money because of our patient centered, evidence based approach. We offer the following services: Providing consistent phone, zoom, or at-home follow-up visits including ongoing communication to support patient well-being, attending physician office visits to interpret progress and relevant information, making hospital visits and coordinating patient care conferences with multiple caregivers about discharge planning and other issues, developing questions for physicians or healthcare providers, interpreting tests and diagnostic studies, attention to prescriptions and reasons for medications, reviewing medical records when needed, and referring to other community based services as requested.

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More information coming soon. Be sure to check out our latest blog entries for more information.

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July 2, 2022
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