Obtaining and Maintaining Your Medical Records Is Important to Your Health

Challenges to Managing Medical Records

Many patients I see in multiple healthcare settings are overwhelmed and confused about how to access their medical records. Patients must request, obtain and maintain copies of their own medical records to assure the accuracy and currency of their information, identify potential errors and mistakes, and track, manage and participate in their own health care (Reports, C. (2018, February 12). Keeping track of medical records is key to protecting your health. Retrieved March 14, 2018, from Consumer Reports in The Washington Post).

Phoenix Nurses: A Path to Renewal

Sometimes being on the front lines involves caring for our colleagues. “Assisting nurses to nurture and heal themselves” is a defined role of holistic nursing practice (AHNA & ANA, 2013, p. 8). Nothing can be more catastrophic for a nurse’s career than the loss of her/his license to practice. In this dark hour, a nurse will often need extra support and someone to walk alongside her/him in the healing process. This article describes a holistic nurse in North Carolina who is helping nurses in her region find the courage to rise up from the ashes and start anew.