Butterfly to RN Patient Advocacy

Benefits of Training

Holistics RN Patient Advocacy Training Institute Benefits

The benefits of taking the Holistic RN Patient Advocacy Training Institute include:

  • Flexibility
  • Contact hours
  • Investment in your future

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Holistic RN Business Opportunity

Face a New Opportunity in 2021

Nurses have a 2021 opportunity to learn more about how to open their own holistic private practice and become their own business leader.

Learn more by attending this Facebook Live event with Karen Sanders, MSN, RN, HWNC-BC, AHN-BC.

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Holistic Opportunity

Our Cohort Has Started

Although yet another Holistic RN Patient Advocacy Training Institute has started; think about your future as a nurse. Plan to attend the next cohort in May of 2021.

Reduce your stress. We want to personally work with you to help you plan, launch, and scale your own Holistic RN Patient Advocacy practice.

Read more information at our training introduction page.

Advocate a blueprint for your future with Karen Sanders and Linda Bark.

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18 of the Best Questions, Answered

Your top Holistic RN Patient Advocacy Training Institute questions are answered during this brief Facebook Live event:


the Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about the Holistic RN Patient Advocacy Training Program:

  1. What is the RNPATI?
  2. Who are Karen Sanders and Dr. Linda Bark?
  3. What is a “typical” day, what kinds of services are offered?
  4. Why should I take this class?
  5. When does it start/end?
  6. When/where will the classes be held?
  7. Why is coach training included?
  8. Do you offer nursing contact hours?
  9. Is there a certification?
  10. What can I do if I don’t have enough money to participate in this opportunity?
  11. Who hires and pays an RNPA?
  12. How much do you charge patients? Does insurance or Medicare cover this service?
  13. What is the income potential?
  14. Can this be profitable in a rural area?
  15. Does my state recognize RNPA’s?
  16. How long might it take to establish my business (get an ROI?)
  17. I would like to work for/with someone else instead of starting a private practice, is this possible?
  18. Where do you find patients who can afford your services?

Holistic RN Patient Advocacy Training Institute

The HRNPATI is by nurses for the benefit of nurses, patients across our great nation.  Karen Sanders and Dr. Linda Bark list their credentials in this Facebook Live event.

Become your own boss, make your own schedule, empower your skills and knowledge in your communities. 

“Nurses LOVE the idea of an RN patient advocacy private practice”  Doctor Linda Bark

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