Do you Know the Top 6 questions you should ask your Physician in an Office Appointment?


It is important to plan and prepare for your next Physician Appointment with an agenda that includes your top 6 questions.   Go to your MD Appointment with a friend or family member.  A loved one can take notes and remind you about the issues you want discussed.

  1. Open your conversation with your most important question for your physician.  An average Physician office visit lasts between 8 and 13 minutes.  Do not wait until the end of your MD visit to ask your most important question as your MD will already be distracted with visiting the next patient in the busy office environment.
  2. Tell the Whole Truth (fear of falling, substance or alcohol abuse, difficulty sleeping, forgetfulness).
  3. Explain what you can afford.   Most Doctors do not have a clue about out-of-pocket expenses, prescriptions and lab tests.
  4. I am not sure what to ask. How is my lab work, and the results of my physical examination? What problems do you see?
  5. Will you please let me repeat your key recommendations today? I want to make sure I understand the takeaways from today’s appointment.
  6. Who do I call in your office for further questions after today’s appointment?

Rehearse Before You go – Write a Script if you are uncomfortable or embarrassed about topics.  

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Karen Sanders, MSN, RN, AHN-BC, HWNC-BC

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