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Coaching for Nurses and
Healthcare Professionals

What is a Holistic Transitions Nurse Coach?

A Nurse Coach is a Registered Nurse who facilitates and assists nurses and medical practitioners in realizing their full potential. Your coach will be knowledgeable, well-trained, experienced in your field and empathetic to your challenges. I utilize a variety of specific coaching and communication tools to help you tap into your own inner knowing and wisdom.

My passion is to assist, teach and coach people in the nursing and healthcare professions through career, life and professional transitions.

I worked with Karen as a Holistic Transitions Coach during a difficult time in my life. She was an excellent listener and used compassion, presence and nurturance in our weekly meetings together. She asked me many powerful questions about how I could do things differently and where did I want to go from here. She also helped me formulate plans for getting to the goals I chose for my professional life. I strongly recommend her as a Holistic Transitions Coach for Nurses. She has tremendous experience, skill and compassion in this life changing role.

~ Lesta Dunn, RN

Why is my Holistic Transitions Nurse Coach Practice Unique?

My role as a coach is to listen to you at a deep level and help you sort out options, explore new possibilities; and to guide you inward to your own mind, body, spirit, and emotional levels for answers. Working with me enables you to find direction toward your best self and highest potential, and can provide new perspectives on the challenges you face professionally and personally. Coaching is a gift to give to yourself.

Why I Became a Holistic Transitions Coach

I have chosen to practice as a Holistic Transitions Coach because I see, hear, and feel the frustration, struggle and difficulties of working in any healthcare setting, especially if/when involved in stressful personal situations outside of work. I have experienced great loneliness, isolation, heartache, lack of resources, anger, and frustration when working with difficult colleagues, superiors, and physicians, and in working in unsafe, short-staffing situations, and non-patient centered environments.

I often felt overwhelmed as an advocate for patients and nurses. I also know the experience of working full-time while going through a very long, protracted divorce in the unfamiliar role as a single mother of a two year old. I understand the unbearable pain, suffering, and bewilderment of trying to negotiate a full-time job while finding another home, paying bills, healing emotionally, and accepting myself as a competent professional and single mother. I would have loved the benefit of working with a Holistic Transitions Nurse Coach during these times.

Hire a Coach Who Understands Your Experiences

I am board certified as a Health and Wellness Nurse Coach and have been in practice for eight years. Along with my role in independent practice as an RN Patient Advocate and Holistic Transitions Nurse Coach, I teach Nursing at a local college.   As a North Carolina Board of Nursing Instructor, I teach an Ethical/Legal Decision-Making Course to Registered Nurses who have experienced disciplinary actions or loss of licenses due to career ending mistakes.

I have great compassion for Nurses who sometimes make catastrophic mistakes when the personal stress in their lives intersects with an extremely stressful healthcare employment. You can read more about this here.

What options are available for Coaching Sessions?

  • I offer confidential coaching sessions by phone or Skype, or one-on-one in my home office.
  • A typical first session is Free of Charge and usually lasts 60 to 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions are usually 60 minutes long.
  • Coaching sessions are individualized based on your needs and desires, and your working and/or personal situations.
  • Group Sessions are also available by phone or in person.
  • The limit to a group coaching session is four participants
  • Each person in a group coaching session is given 15 to 20 minutes to tell their story and receive a brief coaching session while the other participants observe, watch and learn from this experience.
  • This is a great way to enjoy the wonder and benefits of coaching.