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Becoming an Informed Advocate for Your Own Healthcare

OLLI at UNCA Fabulous Friday Presentation

On November 1, 2019,  Karen Sanders, MSN, RN, AHN-BC, HWNC- BC,  RN Patient Advocate, presented “Becoming an Informed Consumer Advocate for your Own Healthcare,” at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI), at the University of North Carolina, Asheville, NC, to an audience of 60+ participants.

Healthcare Topic Presentation included: 

  • Key Aspects of Healthcare Setting
  • Role of Patient Advocacy
  • Review of the 53 Golden Eggs of Wisdom to Assist You In Becoming an Advocate for Your Own Healthcare
  • Medical Errors are the Third-Leading Cause of Death in the US
  • Differences Between Western Medicine (Allopathic), Holistic or Integrative Medicine, and Functional Medicine
  • How Much Does it Cost to go to the ER?  Urgent Care Center?
  • What if you think your hospital or physician’s office bill is incorrect?
  • Advocating for Yourself as a Patient
  • How to Access Your Medical Records from different Healthcare Facilities
  • Become a Healthcare Expert on Yourself
  • Chronological Medical Record for Self or Family Member at Home
  • Portable Medication List Components 
  • Advocating for Self When Hospitalized or Attending MD Appointments
  • Important Questions to Ask Your Doctor
  • Many more topics

Please contact Karen Sanders if you would like to schedule a presentation.


feedback OLLI Spring 2019

Becoming an Informed Consumer Advocate When Using the Healthcare System

Students at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at the Reuter Center, University of North Carolina at Asheville participated in an 8-week class from March 25, 2019 to May 6, 2019 presented by Karen Sanders, MSN, RN, AHN-BC, HWNC-BC.

With consumer advocacy in the healthcare industry becoming more complex, lifelong learnings become more important as our nation ages.

Consumer Advocate

Cambridge Dictionary defines ‘consumer advocate’ as:

A person whose job is to protect the rights of customers, for example by giving advice, testing products, or trying to improve laws relating to the sale of goods.

Learn more about Karen Sanders, RN Patient Advocate, and Transitions Coach.

RN Patient Advocate – Karen Sanders

Karen Sanders is a Registered Nurse who supports, intercedes on behalf of, or lends assistance to, patients and family members, anywhere along the healthcare continuum, where guidance through the system can reduce fear and make the process of recovering from illness and injury more clear and understandable.

OLLI Staff and Curriculum Committee Feedback

feedback OLLI Spring 2019

OLLI Student Feedback – Karen Sanders, Instructor, Becoming an Informed Consumer Advocate when Using the Healthcare System

Student Feedback – Excellent

  • Karen is extremely knowledgeable about this subject and brings her own experiences to highlight the discussions. Her use of guest speakers keeps the course fresh and up-to-date. The course should be mandatory for OLLI members.
  • The instructor and content were excellent. I cannot find any fault with the instructor or materials presented.
  • This course was the best value from OLLI that I have had to date. There was an abundance of relevant and engaging course material, presented by individuals who are experts in their field. I enjoyed every minute of this course, and will recommend it highly to others (in fact, I already have!)
  • By far, one of the most organized and informative courses that I have taken in years in or outside of OLLI. All guest speakers were excellent including Karen.
  • Karen’s efforts were amazing. How she pulled it all together with so many experts in their specific specialties. This information is so valuable to everyone at some point in their lives and those around them. While it is a lot to absorb in 8 weeks, it is a springboard for taking proper steps in being you own advocate for you care. The complexities of the health care as industry are huge, and Karen made it enjoyable to learn from the speakers and through others participation which was encouraged.
  • I will insist that my husband take this course the next time it is offered. It was and eye-opener and so necessary in today’s work of health care.
  • Karen Sanders prepared and delivered a content-rich program on the topic, with guest speakers representing every conceivable aspect of health care.
  • Absolutely everyone should take this course.
  • An excellent course with dense content, well-chosen outside speakers, and ample opportunity throughout to ask questions. Much has changed in healthcare and things will continue to change.
  • The course was right up to date and reflected today’s environment.
  • I was astounded at the amount of valuable information I received from Karen and the many guest speakers. I feel confident to be an advocate for my healthcare or that of a relative or friend. Thank you, Karen!
  • Our instructor was very well informed on a myriad of heath issues, and she also skillfully supplemented with other knowledgeable health care advocates and professionals. This was one of the most informational classes that I have had at OLLI during the 11 years of my membership.
  • Excellent relevant course!

Contact Karen today to help you and your family negotiate healthcare dysfunctions and difficulties by working as a knowledgeable, supportive, kind, and nurturing RN Patient Advocate.

Obtaining and Maintaining Your Medical Records Is Important to Your Health

Challenges to Managing Medical Records

Many patients I see in multiple healthcare settings are overwhelmed and confused about how to access their medical records. Patients must request, obtain and maintain copies of their own medical records to assure the accuracy and currency of their information, identify potential errors and mistakes, and track, manage and participate in their own health care (Reports, C. (2018, February 12). Keeping track of medical records is key to protecting your health. Retrieved March 14, 2018, from Consumer Reports in The Washington Post).