Our Mission

We help patients and families navigate the dysfunctional, silo-driven, technologically difficult healthcare system with less stress and more peace of mind.

Company History

As a teenager, I was thrust into the situation of coping with the catastrophic loss of home and family due to the mental illness of my mother. I relied on the unsolicited helping, nurturing support and efforts of family, friends and strangers to help me, and help my mother. These early chaotic life experiences shaped and underpinned my dream and decision to own my own business as an RN Patient Advocate helping patients and families navigate our dysfunctional, silo-driven, technologically impossible, fearful healthcare environment. It is our great spiritual work to be a helper to those who are frightened, overwhelmed and anxious when seeking healthcare.

This company helps patients and loved ones navigate the healthcare system with less stress and more peace of mind. We are unique as we provide one on one assessments, plans, interventions and conferences by experienced, licensed Registered Nurses with 40 + years of experience in any healthcare setting using coaching, listening, and being present skills. We help you save time and money because of our patient centered, evidence based approach. We offer the following services: Providing consistent phone, zoom, or at-home follow-up visits including ongoing communication to support patient well-being, attending physician office visits to interpret progress and relevant information, making hospital visits and coordinating patient care conferences with multiple caregivers about discharge planning and other issues, developing questions for physicians or healthcare providers, interpreting tests and diagnostic studies, attention to prescriptions and reasons for medications, reviewing medical records when needed, and referring to other community based services as requested.

Our Team

Karen C. Sanders


Karen has been working in nursing and healthcare since 1975; beginning as a Staff Nurse, growing through multiple positions as Director/Administrator, and culminating at the level of Director of Acute Care Services and the Healing Arts Program at Transylvania Regional Hospital in Brevard, NC. She is currently serving as Adjunct Nursing Faculty at South College in Asheville, NC, an Instructor for the NC Board of Nursing, Faculty Assistant for Wisdom of the Whole Coaching Academy, as well as speaker and lecturer at many other venues. For full details on Karen’s experience and contributions, follow this link.

Having been born with a gift for understanding and navigating through darkness, Karen is able to, and has a deep passion for supporting others as they deal with crises and life challenges. A nurse is in this position when the demands of work and life become overwhelming. A patient or their family faces this when in pain and can’t, or doesn’t know how to, get the care they need.

As a Holistic Transitions Coach to Nurses, she understands and has deep compassion for the challenges of offering support to patients in crisis while dealing with the undervaluation of nursing and walking through your own life challenges. Her approach to coaching involves helping you understand the connection between mind, body, spirit and emotions to awaken the best of Who You Are and to help you step into the signature of your own soul.

Gregory Lathrop

RN, HTPa | Dying Care Nurse Advocate | Adults, Adolescents and Children

Greg is a licensed as a Registered Nurse.  At the age of 15, he experienced what he thought would be the moment of his immediate death.  The transpersonal, mystical state of being he experienced transformed his perspective of consciousness and therefore guided his choices regarding his “work” in this life.  He later learned that this experience is referred to as an NDE (Near Death Experience).  His nursing experience of over 40 years has included acute care, critical care, emergency care, air-medical transport, hospice care and integrative healthcare.

Currently in his private practice as a Dying Care Nurse Advocate, he honors the principles of conscious dying, reinforcing the plan of care established by the healthcare provider/organization.   His goal is to demystify the stages of the dying process, increase beautify, pleasure and contentment, provide emotional and spiritual support and engage in conversations about dying while acknowledging the mysteries during this sacred time.

Using a holistic approach, through teaching and coaching methods, his goal is to cultivate ease patient and family during a time which can often feel very uneasy.  In his experience, integrating holistic therapies can greatly enhance a sense of well-being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

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